What is it?

Manufacturing of jewellery models or unique pieces, generated by means of a computer program (whose generic name is CAD). It is delivered to the customer in a digital file in standard STL, STP or other formats.


What is its purpose?

The main applications of digital modelling are:

  • the exploration of the model in a 3D Visualizer, in order to analyse the appearance of the piece in detail. Cuts, sections, gauge, measures, etc.
  • exporting the digital file to a 3D printer and obtaining a physical reproduction of the physical model in wax or resin.
  • Generating real mock-ups of the final appearance of the piece (render), in digital images.


Advantages of 3D digital modelling

Compared to traditional techniques or lost wax, 3D modelling with CAD offers the following advantages:

  • It enables us to anticipate the aesthetic or dimensional suitability of a model, allowing corrections before its actual manufacture.
  • It provides us with greater accuracy than that of craftsman work.
  • Modifications such as scaling-up or downsizing are simplified.
  • Immediate creation of perfect mirror images. For example, there is no need to model both earrings, but just one of them and then the mirror image can be obtained.
  • Templates of the models can be obtained and variations can be introduced, making their manufacture less expensive.
  • They enable us to generate complex shapes which would be costly to manufacture manually.
  • Modelling time (and, as a consequence, the cost of manufacturing) is reduced.
  • It makes it easier for the customer to track the manufacturing process.



There is a risk of developing 3D models which will be very difficult to produce with an acceptable quality standard. In order to avoid this risk, it is convenient for the CAD modelling professional to have experience in the field of craftsmanship and serial manufacture as well. Learn more about these risks.

For certain models with natural and irregular shapes with less need for accuracy, it is still faster to model by means of lost wax. In such cases, both techniques can be combined in the scanning process. Learn more about our 3D scanning service.




Model of a ring in STL format, disassembled in two pieces for an optimal manufacture. Explore it in the 3D Visualizer.